Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 20, 2019

Disorder In The Wake Of No-Deal Brexit?

Disorder in the wake of No-Deal Brexit needs police training!

This beggars belief. Lancashire police have been attending the riotous anti-frackers for a few years now. They have become world wide experts on riot control, seen here with an 85 year old disabled protestor.

If they now need more training what the hell can it be for?

Recently we had to suffer the demand by the Police and Crime Commissioner for more money. He wanted cash off us, including state pensioners, to help pay the pensions of police officers. Now, we face the bill for Lancashire Police preparing for public disorder which might arise as a result of Brexit. While they are talking of events of civil disorder, they “may be required to provide officers to help restore and maintain order”.

It doesn’t stop with policing. We are told the NHS West Lancashire CCG is following national guidance in preparation for a no-deal Brexit. Last week the CCG couldn’t even run a public meeting agenda so as to allow a question from a member of the public!

Even the WLBC is said to be working with multi-agency partners from across Lancashire including the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government, to address issues being highlighted at a local level. I suppose they could put outsourcing/landfill specialists Serco in charge of all that?

Fake news about Brexit is the norm. One thing that IS constant is the number of sanctimonious arseholes bent on creating maximum panic. Keep calm and remember the UK is still a democracy. 

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