West Lancashire Labour News Release

“West Lancashire Labour

reduces housing numbers and green belt impact. West Lancashire Labour has announced its intention to make significant changes to the proposed Local Plan, following the recent phase of public consultation which took place in the Autumn.

“A substantial response from residents, who provided impressive levels of detail in outlining their concerns over specific elements, has given the West Lancashire Labour Administration sufficient evidence to address the issues raised.

“In response to the public consultation which closed in December, there will be a substantial reduction in housing numbers and further protections of green belt land. The authority has been working to evaluate the responses and to reassess the evidence used in light of changes to government policy.

“Cllr John Hodson

Portfolio Holder for Planning, said “We are now at the stage of the process where we are able to begin responding to residents’ views and demonstrate that any new Local Plan will be designed to put West Lancashire’s needs first.

“We can say with confidence that there will be a significant reduction in housing numbers, and a reduced impact on the green belt. We will ensure that there are better protections against unwanted development such as encroachment upon the green belt or significant housing developments where infrastructure is lacking. Finally, we will strongly resist pressure from neighbouring authorities to build for their housing needs, so that the next Local Plan is focused on building for the needs of West Lancashire residents.”

“Council Leader, Cllr Ian Moran

said “As we have stated from the beginning, this is a process of public consultation and we are listening. Unlike West Lancashire Conservatives and Cllr Adrian Owens in 2012, when they ignored a parish referendum in Burscough and residents’ views from across the borough, we have listened to residents’ concerns and are making the changes to the Local Plan based upon them.”

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