“State” Visit By Mayor To Director Of Development (Planning To You And Me)

“State  Visit”

An unusual, at least to me, event will take place on Wednesday at the Council Offices in Derby Street. “The Mayor and Mayoress will visit the Director of Development and Regeneration and meet his staff”. What’s the distance between the mayor’s parlour and the planning suite of offices?

It’s like the Queen strolling along half a mile of corridors to the servants’ quarters at Buck House to meet the head butler and his minions.

So what’s it all about?

Isn’t our Mayor attracting sufficient invitations to meet the public? The Mayor receives his elected member allowance of £4,842, a Special Responsibility Allowance of £2,421, and a Mayor’s Allowance of £2,670. Total £9,933. Why announce this as an official mayoral event?

But why the planners? Could it be to bolster their important role in the savaged new Development Plan? It’s widely known that Parish Councils are extremely concerned about development proposals for the Borough and especially that West Lancashire could be providing a housing need in the City Regions on our prime agricultural and green belt land in their parishes. It’s a festering sore!

Mr Harrison  has worked for WLBC since 1979. He’s the “Lead officer on key Corporate Strategies and projects including town centre regeneration and major infrastructure delivery”. It’s where the Local Plan buck stops!

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