Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 17, 2019

Long Lane Wacky Races Continued

We wrote about the Long Lane Wacky Races in November and January

Now, fearsome campaigner Fiona Jenkins, who reduced the Aughton Parish Council meeting to adjournment, has written to Alan Cox (LCC) & LCC Cllr Paul Greenall “Having waited four weeks for a response on this and heard nothing I chased the matter up and spoke directly to one of the Traffic Calming Engineers who’ve referred the ticket to Alan Cox in the Speed Management Team who needs to now recommend to them that obstacles need installing on the aforementioned locations along Long Lane to physically prevent the onslaught of high speed traffic.

Listen to Fiona and learn

“Now, when I initially spoken to you Alan, in Nov-18, you advised me the reason your team has failed to take any action upon the documented in Jun-17 speeding problem was due to a lack of reported accidents. Despite the residents and I providing you with a comprehensive list of reported accidents and copious evidence and requests for Traffic Calming Obstacles to be placed, when I also spoke to you yesterday you told me two things:

“1. You said it was the Traffic Calming Team that decide on the placement of obstacles. • That is incorrect, the Traffic Calming Team are Highways Engineers that survey, advise and project management works, they are a back office function that you direct.

“2. You said you are going ahead with smiley faces. • You are aware of openly available studies that indicate these are of very limited efficacy (2 mph reduction at best), you are aware the residents don’t want them, you are aware the residents want. physical obstacles (decided after their initial response, below, they prefer sleeping policemen over chicanes as the latter may induce more pollution), you are aware physical obstacles are effective at speed reduction, you are aware a pair of sleeping policemen cost less than smiley faces which you say you have the budget for. [True, APC + WLBC have a “smiley face kitty” of £6,000 legally committed for them]

“So why – please explain to me and the hundreds of angry residents why you effectively appear to be fobbing us off with smiley faces, the wrong, unwanted solution

  and not communicating with us. You have the evidence, you have the budget. What are you missing here?

“And Paul, just to be clear, Long Lane is not to be compared with the A5209 running through Newburgh nor Stopgate Lane running through Bickerstaffe. Why:

“Long Lane is not a major through route, it is not an A-road it is a Lane, in fact it is not even deemed a B-route by the Highways Agency it is deemed a C-route.

“Long Lane, for the portion of highway we are speaking about is densely populated on both sides, Stopgate is flanked by fields and where there are houses they are sparse.

“Prescot Road as an aside is precisely where overspill traffic is supposed to be routed. It is designed and built for heavy traffic specifically – see image 

“Prescot Road (RHS) is 15 spaces across, Long Lane (LHS) is 11 across, the Road is a good 2 meters wider than the Lane (btw there was a serious accident at the junction depicted last year as well that is not on my stats). Now I refer back to the Highways Act 1980 the table in point 6 below, your legal obligations and would anticipate a reasoned response in the next couple of weeks.

Two weeks or else!

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