Saturday Satire

Austin Mitchell

“Instead of journalists reporting on how they view Britain in EU countries– daft and incomprehensible- how about reports on how they’ll view us if we go back? Repentant prodigal or weak sucker to be kicked around and exploited?

“UK Remainers make Brexit as difficult as possible, weaken UK negotiating position and boost fear of no deal to panic levels. EU negotiators refuse to change the bum deal they’ve given May. A clever coordination which undermines Britain and traps Theresa.

“If there’s No Deal whose fault is it? The EU for being so intransigent that it won’t offer a deal acceptable to Parliament, or the British people for wanting to leave in the first place? Let’s get it straight!”

Dennis Skinner

“Congress responded to Mr Trump’s announcement with a statement saying they would approve wall funding, but only if Chris Grayling was in charge of the project”.

Private Eye

Jarvis Dupont by tweet

“Every single person who voted for Brexit is an intolerant, bigoted piece of s**t. All of them. No exception. Absolute scum. Worse than dog s**t. Filled with hatred. I despise them so much I could literally piss myself with rage”.

Kate Hoey

“Oh dear ! He is not a happy person!”

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