It’s Sod Off Time

Priti Patel MP says May needs to tell Brussels to ‘sod off’ to get a better Brexit deal.

Theresa May should have told Brussels to “sod off” and threaten to walk away to get a better deal on Brexit, a former Cabinet minister has said. Priti Patel  who quit as International Development Secretary in November 2017, said she wanted to see a more “muscular” approach to the talks.

The Conservative MP told Chopper’s Brexit Podcast “We have had tetchy moments. We should have actually said ‘enough is enough’ we are not going to take this over the transition, money… We should have told them to sod off. We are not going to be bullied by the EU. Our country looks very weak right now. I feel a sense of national humiliation, why have we succumbed to giving, giving, giving?”

Ms Patel also said the Prime Minister must publish any legal advice which underlies the UK’s Withdrawal deal when it comes back to Parliament. “Trust is a really big issue right now” she said. Mrs May said earlier this week in an answer to Tory MP Anne Main that she recognised MPs’ concerns regarding the legally binding nature of any changes that are achieved.

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