Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 15, 2019

From Independent LCC Cllr Greenall

Lancashire County Council Meeting – 14/02/19

How many residents of Lancashire receive a report from their councillor? Just comparing the two elected members for Aughton area gives us a contrast in caring about what is happening to the taxes we pay. Cllr Paul Greenall  makes it known, elsewhere it is the mushroom method of communication, in the dark and full of crap!

Cllr Greenall writes “The meeting started at 1pm and the agenda was small as this was a budget setting meeting and another Full Council meeting is scheduled for two weeks time. The first item related to corporate priorities. One fact reported was that 42% of household waste is recycled or composted in Lancashire. Although quite an impressive figure, residents will I’m sure, recognise that more can be done, so I put this question forward. In response I was advised that options to improve recycling in Lancashire are being considered, so watch this space.

“When the main issue of the budget was being discussed, some members of the public objected to what was said and started shouting from the public gallery. Refusing to be quiet, the meeting was adjourned. During the reconvened budget debate, all three Parties put forward their proposals and found fault with each other’s too.

Infant school

Sadly, for too much of the afternoon, it was just like being in a infant school, as the political parties kept on blaming each other for past failures, trading insults and calling each other liars; all rather embarrassing.

Not so low taxation, double the rate of inflation!

“Some of the ideas put forward by the three main Parties were good, but Labour, Conservatives and the LibDems all proposed council tax rises of more than twice the rate of inflation. Believe it or not, I was the only Councillor who objected to this, which was strange as I can remember the days when Conservatives prided themselves on low taxation. Apparently, not any more, but I could not support such a tax hike and so I voted against it. I also objected to Conservative plans to reduce the hours and days that household refuse tips are open in Skelmersdale and Burscough, as that appeared to contradict the earlier statement to improve recycling!

“What was especially ironic was Conservative proposals to make saving by stopping Councillors from claiming meal allowances. I have suggested this on 2-3 occasions since being elected to County Hall in 2017, but my proposals have always been voted down. It was good to see that common sense was finally prevailing as Councillors who receive over £10k a year in allowances should not be able to claim free meals from the taxpayer. Presently, Councillors can still claim travelling expenses and are due to receive new iPhones, but I’ll deal with those issues at a later date”.

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