Supply Chains For Brexit? Nothing New

You probably haven’t heard about LLamasoft?

That’s probably because establishment EU Remainers prefer that you don’t. 

LLamasoft claims “We shine where your current systems fall short. Your current systems see only isolated parts of the supply chain, so you miss critical shared insights. They focus on executing yesterday’s policies, and don’t give you the ability to compare and test tomorrow’s new ideas. We break down functional silos and disrupt outdated approaches to supply chain decision-making by putting the power of understanding at everyone’s fingertips, enabling your organization to quickly make smarter decisions risk-free in a parallel digital world”.

Conversation on twitter

“Hi Stephen, Will you be covering the vote this evening? If so, I have Don Bletchley, Director of Industrial Strategy at Llamasoft available for interview or to provide written comments on how a no-deal Brexit would affect supply chains in the UK.

“Don and the team at Llamasoft, the company responsible for the supply chain design of companies such as IKEA, Unilever, and Michael Kors, believe that the disruption that will ensue should be nothing new to the supply chain and that any responsible company will be fully equipped to handle the changes coming their way. Rather than it be a case of “how do we prepare” for those who have been proactive it should be a case of “when do we press the button on any changes”.


Virtually every company that trades between the UK and the EU uses LLamasoft. Brexit no-deal makes no difference whatsoever to any supply chains for the major trading companies. To claim any difference is untrue.

These companies are the proof of many successful supply chains regardless of politics.


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