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I Know What I Voted For

I Know What I Voted For

Says Mick Freeman In Champion Letters, when he takes Rosie Cooper MP to task about her “West Lancashire voted to leave, but they did not vote to be worse off” comment, as though she knows what she cannot know. That is what Mr Freeman refers to “How does she know?”.

It’s a strange phenomenon that we face. When Edward Heath lied to us, his claim was that “There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified” and that was barely challenged. Prime Minsters didn’t lie, did they?

Mr Freeman also mentions that we did not vote for leave with a deal, we voted, as West Lancashire did and as a country to “leave”. Reverting back to Heath, he did deals we didn’t vote for to get us into the Common Market. We didn’t know the full truth until the Heath 30 year rule, activated in 2001, for government document release showed it.

Concealment of the truth

Having recalled a comment that “Scarcely a day now goes by when British politicians and civil servants do not make statements relating to the European Union which can be shown to be based at best on concealment of the truth or even on direct falsehood” how does Rosie Cooper MP, a remainer, relate that to her electorate?

Mr Freeman states that he did consider the likely detrimental impacts of withdrawal, as well as the benefits, and for the record would do so again, worse off or not. There was much about Edward Heath that was despicable. Ruining the UK fishing industry as part of his deal cost thousands of jobs. Does Rosie Cooper want the UK to have its own fishing industry, its jobs, restored to us?

A few honourable MPs aside, the Labour Party has now dumped its manifesto commitment on Brexit to respect the referendum result. It is now calling for Britain to stay in the EU’s customs union forever – which would effectively mean being locked into the EU forever while having no say at all over how it works. Say what you like about Theresa May’s negotiating skills, her task would anyway have been nigh on impossible given the continual attempts at sabotage from politicians and others in Britain.

One example? When May went to Brussels last week, she was told by Tusk that Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals for a permanent customs union represented “a promising way out” of the current impasse on Brexit. Another form of sabotage is the constant exhortations from the establishment calling for the EU to give no ground to the Government.

Brexit is in danger.

A clean Brexit is still the default position, leaving on 29th March to trade on WTO terms. Yet despite the defeat in parliament on 29th January of every binding amendment to block or delay Brexit, including Labour’s permanent customs union, Theresa May’s so-called Withdrawal Agreement is still on the table.

Even though MPs voted against it on 24th January, May still wants MPs to vote again on it, once again using No Deal as a threat not as an opportunity. Her current deal with the EU is not a Withdrawal Agreement. It is a Remainer Agreement, in every clause on every one of its 585 pages. It is No Brexit. It would bind us forever into a United States of Europe. It is meant to be permanent, inescapable. The Attorney General told the Cabinet that there was no legal escape route from the backstop Protocol and that it would “endure indefinitely”.

Her deal would give the EU tariff-free access to our market and control of our trade policy, force us to fund the EU’s defence programme, give EU fishing vessels free access to our waters, give the EU control of our farms, and allow free movement of labour through clauses about “mobility”. In sum, it would bind us into the EU in perpetuity.

The EU got almost everything it wanted

No surprise, then, that Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, boasted that the EU got “almost everything” it wanted with the deal. MPs rejected May’s deal – almost the only thing they can agree on – then voted to tell her to go yet again to Brussels with her faithful lieutenant Oliver Robbins, to beg the EU to drop the Irish backstop. But the EU will not give up the huge advantages they gain under the backstop. As Robbins observed, renegotiating the backstop with the EU is “for the birds”.

We do not need to beg the EU to change its position, that would be fruitless, as all experience from Harold Macmillan 50 years ago to David Cameron has proven. We do not need to beg the EU for a new deal, as Boris Johnson has suggested. We do not need to pay the EU £39 billion for the privilege of leaving, nor even the £20 billion that Johnson proposed.

We can and should just declare our policies on trade, fishing, the Irish border, immigration and everything else. We do not need to ask the EU’s permission. We declare our independence and then, if we wish, we can negotiate with the EU. 

As for Rosie Cooper MP, she welcomed her own majority elections to Parliament, every one of them, by accepting the honour bestowed on her by West Lancashire. She did not challenge her own victories. Why should she treat a referendum result any differently? Perhaps she might pay us the respect of accepting this majority vote too? 


  1. 1) Theresa May (a remainer) should never, ever have been given the post of PM. The country voted to leave the EU, the only logical and more importantly HONOURABLE appointment would have been to elect a brexiteer as PM – someone who ACTUALLY BELIEVED IN THE CONCEPT OF LEAVING THE EU. By electing May, the Tory party predictably built-in an automatic balls-up function, ‘negotiating’ from a position of hiding under the duvet, rather than one of confidence, belief & commitment.

    2) Her clueless cack-handed meddling, and the appointment of the secret shadow negotiating team (the conniving politburo) headed up by committed Europhile and all-round gormless jobsworth, the awful Oliver Robbins has ensured a national giveaway of Boxing Day Sales dimensions. It’s a betrayal made real.

    3) In the historical pantheon of traitorous betrayal there are two new names to be added to Brutus, Benedict Arnold, Vidkun Quisling, Judas Iscariot – Theresa May & the odious Olly Robbins.

    4) If Brexit doesn’t happen, or if it’s ‘Brexit in name only’ there really will be trouble ahead. The cosy two-party power share will be blown out of the water, gone forever. The Westminster bubble need to tread very, very carefully because the ever-reliable voting fodder are beginning to get a bit irritated.

    • Well said. I add the names of Edward Heath, who sold us out to Europe, and David Cameron, whose record epitomised the clueless cack-handedness we have become victims of by the leaderships of our country.

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