Clinical Commissioning Group’s Not So Clinical Agenda

NHS CCG Governing Body Meeting 

The NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body Meeting is held with absolute regimented precision “9.30-11.30pm!” That’s what it says.

On Agenda Items, as each item is timed. 5 minutes for Welcome, 5 minutes for Declarations of interest, 5 minutes for Minutes of previous meeting, 5 minutes for Matters arising.

Thereafter Communications receive 10 minutes, Governance 15 minutes, Operational Management 15 minutes, Consent items 5 minutes, Any other business 15 minutes to be allocated from members of the public based on agenda items.

Members of the governing body will be available after the close of the meeting for informal discussion, time permitting.

But, all of this depends on an interpretation of published times being only a “guide” and the Chairman might end the meeting. It might also depend on the CCG knowing its arse from its elbow, or pm from am?

Ormskirk resident Barrie French wrote to the Champion having attended the meeting, but his interpretation of “Any other business” does not concur with that of the CCG who state “Our aim is to provide inclusive and accessible health services for everyone in West Lancashire”. Pity it doesn’t include just one pensioner in West Lancashire who only wanted to ask a question?

Attending one of our Governing Body meetings

West Lancashire CCG website states it “values the views of the public, partners, service users and carers. To improve services we need your views on what’s worked well and what could be improved. There are a number of ways you can tell us your views, by Attending one of our Governing Body meetings”.

If the Chair of the CCG finds it tiresome to allow an invited member of the public to ask his question, he might perhaps consider if he is the right man for the highly paid annual £105.110 seat he occupies? The logo might be changed, in the case of Mr French, to “Not with you, not for you”?

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