House of Commons Yesterday

Mr Speaker

Order. I have received a letter today from the operations manager of the central criminal court informing me that Fiona Onasanya, the hon. Member for Peterborough, has been sentenced to a period of imprisonment of three months. I have also received a letter from the registrar of criminal appeals informing me that Fiona Onasanya has submitted an appeal against her conviction, which is listed for hearing on 5 March. I shall cause the text of the letters to be published in the Votes and Proceedings and in the Official Report.[The letters will appear at the end of today’s proceedings.]

Denis Skinner

On an altogether more upbeat note, I hope that the whole House will want to join me in offering the warmest possible congratulations to Mr Skinner on the occasion of his birthday, 87 years young today. I hope that the hon. Gentleman is with us in this Chamber for many years to come.

Denis writes that “He fearlessly exposes the foibles of ALL politicians. But, mainly Tories…”. He  has accused Theresa May of being “frit” and “handing over power to the EU” by delaying the vote. The ‘beast of Bolsover’ has a reputation for speaking his mind in the Commons and today was no different.

With his customary bullish delivery the Labour Leaver told Mrs May that the UK ‘s experience would help the EU to warn other countries not to leave the bloc. He said “Doesn’t the Prime Minister realise that she’s handed over power, not to people in this House, but she’s handed over power to the people she’s going to negotiate with?” 

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