Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 7, 2019

Champion Local Plan Letters


Cllr Gail Hodson will not see much support for her letter in January that mentioned the

“Long term holistic Plan”

Eric Lupton writes that the “The Local Plan isn’t about needs of neighbouring authorities but hiring out our green belt land”. The study shows that it is an example of incompetence and deceit. And he is clear by his use of the slang phrase “pimp out” which is to prostitute, take advantage of, exploit, use, to hire out or provide to others like a whore, that, apparently, is what WLBC is using as a deliberate policy for our green belt land, to our neighbours to further their own master plan.

Strong stuff, but when we consider views that other local authorities , Knowley, Sefton, warn of planning to 2050 having a high risk of being considered unacceptable, reasonable enough. And Mr Lupton cannot “check planner Harrison’s “guesstimate” for Liverpool’s requirements as they did not submit a response. Enough for a huge dose of scepticism?

It’s about climate change

Alan Turner writes about “Returning surplus agricultural land to woodland should be a default option”. It’s about climate change that threatens our existence. He states “West Lancashire is sadly largely devoid of trees” and “open fields are unnatural and ecologically barren landscapes”.

6 Labour Losses in May? 

DG of Skelmersdale writes “No benefits for the ordinary residents, just more disruption”. He found no positive benefits in the 2050 Local Plan. He will act positively through the local council elections in May and “will use his vote against the majority Labour council in protest at their plan”. Again, he has realised this is the only council in the whole country that is planning as far as 2050. He mentions 25 Labour councillors across 18 ward elections and it takes only 6 losses for there to be no overall control. Could that be the end of the new local plan?

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