While Our NHS Is Struggling

While our NHS is struggling

to provide what we might call “routine” services because of lack of adequate funding, our failed government is in ‘Plan C’ talks that will offer a “Malthouse Compromise” offering £10bn to the EU for “extra time”. Where is this £10billion coming from? All on top of the £39billion the EU is demanding because we are leaving. And why? Because a Tory idiot wants it “in return for a three-year transition period to allow a trade deal to be negotiated”. Another three years!

A Downing Street spokeswoman said ‘As the Home Secretary set out on Marr, the Attorney General (AG) is looking at the legal changes we are aiming to secure to the backstop. As the PM has previously said, there are a number of ideas on this, including a unilateral exit mechanism or a time limit and the AG is considering their wording and legal effect. He will be closely engaged throughout the process’.

Meanwhile a newspaper columnist wrote about

“Dozens of peers and MPs received millions in EU subsidies for their estates, according to a new survey by Friends of the Earth, which estimates that almost 50 politicians have cashed in. Why wouldn’t they if the handouts are on offer? But look closer at those names and surprise, surprise, some are leading the campaign to block Brexit.

They include the Duke of Wellington who last year received £91,000 for his 7,000-acre Hampshire estate. The 73-year-old unelected peer spearheaded a House of Lords move to delete the exit date, March 29, 2019, from the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

Lord Haskins, 81, who has voted for a second referendum, received £82,000 last year for his farmland in Yorkshire. In the Commons, another beneficiary is the Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach, a persistent Brexit rebel. She received £23,000 last year from the EU for the family farming business in North Wales. No doubt these individuals all declared a financial interest when speaking in EU debates.

Finally, let’s not forget Lord Heseltine, even though we would like to

He’s worth around £300 million, who for decades has shown a slavish devotion to all matters Brussels. He’s not in this survey, but he’s certainly been a beneficiary of EU largesse previously. In the past, he has pocketed up to £90,000 for his estate in Oxfordshire which includes a lake, fish ponds, tennis courts, swimming pool, and an award-winning arboretum with 3,500 different species of trees and plants.

When challenged about the cash, he countered ‘This is the whole basis of the European agricultural system. Without the agricultural support system, you would drive farming out of existence. The fact that I am a wealthy man is quite irrelevant.’

If you say so, your [unelected] Lordship.

Back to buying Brexit “extra time” with our “easy come, easy go” £10billion, remember that when you can’t see a doctor for three weeks because the NHS is short of money! The logo says safe and secure, you know it means healthcare and professional. “When I see that sign rather than another, I know that I’m in good hands wherever I am”, until the money runs out.

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