Commissioner Clive Cops Out?

In the Champion,

a Quote from PCC Clive Grunshaw

“It is unfair to continue passing the burden of years of austerity in policing onto local council taxpayers”. But he does it anyway.

Quote from local council taxpayer J Burgess

“Another question is, do we need a police commissioner?”

Mr Grunshaw highlights the budget pressures faced by the Lancashire Constabulary due to government cuts to police funding since 2010, with 800 police officer posts and 350 support staff lost, £84million of savings made and a further £18million still to find by 2022.

Mr Burgess notes it is that time of year when Clive Grunshaw starts whingeing about how he needs to prop up the police pensions. How does he expect pensioners to do this when they are on a pittance from central government? If we have to tighten our belts the police commissioner and his department should do the same.

Mr Grunshaw has taken the result of 63% of 4,600 respondents to his consultation in making his decision to take another £24 a year from all Band D council taxpayers. Voter apathy rules OK!

Mr Burgess suggests police pensions are a lot more that the ordinary pensioner would receive. This is a non-starter. If Mr “Grimshaw” wants more he should be asking the government and no one else.

The average salary of a police officer

is £33,000; of a police superintendent £67,000; of a police front desk receptionist [if there are any such posts left] £22,000.

Mr Grunshaw was paid £85,000 last year (set by the Home Office), and his “benefits in kind” were £4,993. His pension pot received £9,775. Some senior police officers received far more, see the chart here . It includes 5 salaries of circa £168,000/£136,000 including pension contributions.

And the can just keeps on being kicked down “Austerity Street”.

2 thoughts on “Commissioner Clive Cops Out?”

  1. Now that Lancashaire Police will be recieving 50% of the cost for policing the fracking protest at Preston New Road which is reported to be around £5.5 million rebate, will Mr “Grimshaw” Grunshaw change his mind or go for more funds for the residents of Lancashire?

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