Pork Barrel Cash For West Lancashire?

It’s reported that Theresa May is preparing to pump millions of pounds into Leave-backing constituencies as she tries to entice wavering Opposition politicians. The ‘pork barrel’ tactic is effectively an admission that Mrs May cannot get a package through Parliament with just Tory and DUP votes. West Lancashire is listed as a possible beneficiary!

Show us the money

The move was hailed by some Labour MPs, with John Mann urging the PM to ‘show us the money’. But Tottenham MP David Lammy, who has been demanding a second referendum, branded his colleagues ‘fools’ for working with the government. ‘Socialists my arse. Cowards and facilitators. History will be brutal’ he said.

Respect the referendum

The wrangling comes amid increasingly frantic efforts to forge a cross-party consensus. Labour MP Lisa Nandy insisted her party now had to make ‘real choices’ and respect the referendum. 20 constituencies might benefit.

Austin Mitchell says

The North needs more government spending and a far better deal whether we stay in the EU or leave. It shouldn’t be a bribe. It’s Justice! But if the Government is going to do as it should and boost aid to the regions left behind, then Grimsby needs a much fairer share. Well, he would say that wouldn’t he?

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