Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 30, 2019

Snow Suspends Refuse Collections

Having just ventured out, the first thing I can’t see is any grit on our local Aughton roads. LCC seems to have missed us.

Perhaps this  is why ?

Now, WLBC has stated “Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions we have had to suspend the collection of refuse and recycling this morning. The situation will be reviewed later this morning and if conditions improve collections will resume. For the time being residents should leave their bins out for collection and further details will be released, in due course on how we will catch up with collections.

Heidi McDougall Director of Leisure and Environment
West Lancashire Borough Council


WLBC states “Refuse and recycling collections are now taking place in most of West Lancashire but some rural locations still remain inaccessible to our crews. Please keep your bin out ready for collection, although we are still experiencing delays due to the adverse weather”. Well done to the crews, magnificent effort. 

But the Ormskirk Market for Thursday 31 January has been cancelled due to the forecast for continued adverse weather.


  1. Local Aughton Roads! Even major roads weren’t gritted, the A59 wasn’t gritted, total deathtrap this morning until Sefton where roads had been treated.

    • Being based in Aughton that’s all I can comment on. But I now have a LCC press release that the County concentrated on East Lancashire and will do so tonight as being worst ice forecast.

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