Rosie Cooper On Brexit?

An Ormskirk resident has raised the subject of Rosie Cooper MP and her position on Brexit with the Champion. 

He asks about open meetings he may have missed

Has she spoken in any debate, what is her view on no deal, what are her views on Article 50, what are her views on a People’s Vote.

Leaving aside a long period when she was under a death threat and consequently away from public meetings but attending private events, anyone can visit her website and read her news on local and parliamentary events. And she provides a news email too.

But that’s not the only method of following her views.

Registering on “They work for you” brings news of everything she says in Parliament. She has stated that although West Lancashire voted to leave, she doesn’t believe they voted to be worse off. Not that anything of that kind was on the referendum voting options.

What she is clear about is “we are not at a point where a “Peoples’ Vote” could be considered. We already had one Rosie, June 2016. What we do need is to leave, clean break, and recover our sovereignty at the end of March. That’s democracy.

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