Vibrant West Lancashire?

Included in a current WLBC job vacancy are these claims, that “West Lancashire has a diverse economy with market towns, small villages and thriving commercial areas nestled alongside rural countryside” and that “The Borough offers a wide contrast between open farmland and small picturesque villages together with the larger vibrant market towns of Burscough and Ormskirk. Our largest town Skelmersdale is a hive of urban activity, combining thriving business districts, central and local shopping centres, with plenty of green spaces and surrounding woodlands”.

Definition of vibrant-“full of energy and life…quivering, pulsating, stimulating”.

But to claim vibrancy in Ormskirk is at odds with what Roger Blaxall of the excellent QLocal website  described in his “kick up the jacksy” article on Saturday. Read it here

An expression from a shop owner “Are some local councillors living in an alternative universe and not the real world” sums it up. Bayferns coffee shop, never re-opened after Christmas; Peony home furnishings is leaving on Valentine’s Day. Blaxall has learnt that the future of another four could be in doubt including Ba Ba Ji, the Indian bar that’s not opened in the last few weeks, Shake It Up, on the market for the last few months, Express Sandwiches which has a poignant ‘No Milk Today’ type sign in its front window and, sadly, Timpsons which now has a unit in Morrisons, which has been a fixture of the town (along with its manager Burt Jones) since Adam was a lad”.

“With such a grim outlook for just ONE street in Ormskirk perhaps those councillors do need a ‘kick up the jacksy’ if only to bring them into the real retail world although they alone can’t influence how retail trends have changed over the last few years.

Quote “I keep hearing about Ormskirk’s booming night time economy which is all well and good but I’m open in the day time. I’m doing well with my online shop but it’s sad to see the town centre so quiet”.

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