WLBC Is Crass And Dangerous

It should come as no surprise that WLBC is viewed by some residents as having a crass and dangerous outlook about flooding, especially in Burscough. The danger comes from potentially deadly sewage, defined as waste water and excrement carried in sewers. Sewage can kill you. The hazards include bacterial infections, viral infections, and parasitical infections.

Enough is enough

In response to last week’s story ‘Council defends its handling of Victoria Park Homes scheme’ on page 9 of the Champion, Gavin Rattray responds “It’s so well documented that you don’t even have to be the local planning authority like WLBC, to know that Crabtree Lane is an area with critical drainage problems . Nothing has been done to improve the capacity of their watercourses, simultaneously WLBC and UU have jointly pursued a policy of moving surface water from UU’s sewers into watercourses. One resident not only has the almost obligatory flood doors, but has also surrounded his home with protective drains feeding two pumps.

“WLBC, who are fully aware of the flooding problems their policies and planning decisions are causing, are now trying to mislead residents by implying that its powers are insufficient to protect Crabtree Lane  residents because preventing development on Victoria Park was beyond its control.

“Yet all local planning authorities are responsible for strategic policies which “make sufficient provision for infrastructure for wastewater, flood risk management’ (Section 20 and 20b National Planning Policy Framework).

Why doesn’t WLBC do the responsible thing?

“So why don’t WLBC do the responsible thing and insist the Victoria Park development not add to flooding and if the application goes to appeal, continue to do the responsible thing and ask the inspectorate to back them up?

“WLBC also forgot to mention that residents wouldn’t be in this mess had it refused the original outline planning permission for Victoria Park, on the basis that it would cause flooding in Crabtree Lane; and there was nothing to stop it backing that argument up by stating that building on Burscough’s greenbelt at Victoria Park is unjustified given the massive amount of brownfield and greenfield land already available in Burscough”.

Your guide to raw sewage

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