Is A Wind Of Change Coming?

A reader of this blog thinks so, and the sooner the better! He wrote the following comments which are worthy of an article.

A watershed moment

“I think what has been happening over the past year has brought us to this watershed moment. The comfy arrogant remain-obsessed elite are going to get one hell of a shock, as the little people who don’t usually matter show them that the worm has turned. I believe the cosy two party system is about to crash and burn because the public has absolutely had enough. If a faction of Continuity Remain get their way and the departure date is delayed then the UK will have to field a slate of candidates for the imminent European elections. And if that happens there will be an anti-establishment voting tsunami.

“I believe a new anti-EU party will come from nowhere, or it could be (for example) the old SDP (Social Democratic Party) which is staunchly anti EU, and they will wipe the floor with the Tories & Labour

I hope & expect all the traitors are deselected without delay: Grieve, Soubry, Gauke, Lee, Cooper etc, etc, because if they’re not then there really will be trouble.

A claque of failed drunk politicians

“And as for Theresa May , she should never have been elected PM. She is a charisma-free zone, a twin-set & pearls dullard, a female John Major whose non-existent negotiating skills and unhealthy reliance on the arrogant oaf that is Ollie Robbins, (her Svengali-Rasputin little helper) utterly guaranteed the complete capitulation of this great country to a claque of failed drunk politicians from the Benelux countries .

“The job of PM should have gone to someone who actually believed in Brexit, not to a person so afraid to offend, so incapable of playing hardball with Brussels – while at the same time ruthlessly knifing her designated Brexit team in the back at the same time.

“Angry? Incandescent? You bet I am. I and millions of other voters have absolutely had enough all those failed lawyers at Westminster telling us which way to think. Had enough of people like Tony Blair, (a man who holds no public post), casually rocking up in Brussels and being given private one-to-ones with Barnier, Junker & Tusk. And the subject of discussion? How to shove a spanner into Brexit. That’s the private citizen Blair who arrives by private jet in Davos last week then tries his utmost to undermine this country to the global plutocracy as the end of March looms.

Had enough of this Godawful government

“Had enough of this Godawful government and their little attempts at skulduggery- the latest being this week’s doomsday pronouncement by Airbus that they’d take their ball and their wing-making machines somewhere else if we ‘crashed out’ of the EU. This message of doom was somewhat deflated after the deputy Chief Exec’ admitted that it was the government who asked them, WHO ACTUALLY ASKED THEM! to go and tell the plebs what COULD happen. Connivance of the very highest order.

“There is a wind of change coming, the sooner, the better”.

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