Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 27, 2019

£10,850 Tax Paid For Official Portrait

A portrait of Belfast’s former Lord Mayor Nuala McAllister has cost local ratepayers £10,850. Belfast is the only council in the north which routinely pays for painted portraits of its civic leaders, which since 2005 have cost more than £140,000. The painting is a collaboration by Jamie Baird and Daniel Nelis, two artists aged in their twenties who both graduated in recent years from Ulster University.

Expensive vanity project

Public spending campaigners have branded such portraits an ‘expensive vanity project’, but the council says it is a tradition ‘popular with citizens and tourists alike’. The hell they do!

“The Taxpayers’ Alliance suggests it would be much more practical and cost effective if photographs of ex-mayors were used, saving taxpayers a fortune in the process”. We must hope there are no oil paintings of any WLBC politicians hanging in Derby Street Towers? Although they did have a gravy train and also the .

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