Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 24, 2019

Parking Porkies, The Fall Out

Our “Parking Porkies” story has caught the imagination of many readers. Comments revealed how much interest, and some disdain, local councillors felt about it. Why might that be? Literature, be it for children or adults, is historically and currently relevant to modern life.

So while the OWL report on the “WLBC Parking Success” was disdainful of the Labour initiative, so too were the responsive comments. OWLs are “Chicken Licken”  as mentioned at least four times between Cllrs J and G Hodson. The Hodsons are Mr  and Mrs Twit , according to the “Ormskirk Idiot” who matches the literary prowess of the Hodsons.

We believe all of this banter is, and remains, in good humour. But there is a line, and red lines being of interest nationally, we insist on humour being the force of the comments made. The ultimate arbiter is WLR.

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