Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 23, 2019

Victoria Park Plans WILL Increase Flood Risk

As determined as ever to fight against the Development Director’s “thumbs-up”  for the Victoria Park Homes Plan, Gavin Rattray returns to the fray on behalf of the Burscough Flooding Group (BFG).

His letter to the Champion  claims “The development WILL cause additional flooding downstream in the Crabtree Lane area where ANY increase in risk in this area is likely to cause homes to become inhabitable.

“What WLBC has omitted to say is that while the surface water from the site isn’t going to increase, the overall volume will be increased and all of the flow will be diverted from United Utilities foul sewer, where it goes currently, into a local watercourse.

“That considerable extra flow will add to the already serious flooding in Crabtree Lane at a maximum rate of 25 tonnes/hour.

“In essence WLBC has accepted a developers’ proposal to remove a flow from the sewer and no doubt improve sewer flooding but allowed them to add a larger flow to the watercourses increasing flooding because the developer said the alternative proposals weren’t practical. It is hard to understand how yet another scheme increasing flooding in Burscough has passed Planning”.

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