Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 23, 2019

The Police Begging Bowl Is Filled By Apathy

In December Clive Grunshaw  the Lancashire Police Commissioner told us “The current funding for policing isn’t sufficient to deal with growing demands on the police and the financial settlement allows me to raise further funds but only through passing this burden onto council tax payers. This isn’t fair and it isn’t sustainable”. We agreed, because the main beneficiaries would be police pensioners, and a large proportion of council tax payers are pensioners.

Now, he reports he has obtained consent from 63% of over 4,600 respondents, that’s 2,898 people, raising the council tax precept by 46p per week on a Band D property. The public had their say online, at consultation events across the county, and over the phone.

The population of Lancashire is 1,460,900. All council tax payers among them will pay another £23.92 a year. Apathy rules, and there must be little doubt the attitude is, so what!


  1. If only Mr Grunshaw stepped in to prevent the gross overspend of £10 million + pounds wasted at the Preston New Road Fracking site, when Police resources are at a premium! Why Mr Grunshaw stood back and allowed the Chief Constable of Lancashire to spend huge amounts of money and officers targeting mainly peaceful protesters to then now come forward to conduct the same yearly routine of his “begging bowl” initiative to safeguard Police budgets is an affront to us all. The first cost saving exercise should be to dissolve all of the party political Crime Commissioners with immediate effect.

    • That’s true, every word of it. We are paying extra tax after tax, while the government keeps up its austerity programme against those least able to afford it. Free TV licences for over 75s, now being considered for cancellation by the incompetent BBC, an organisation that pays fortunes to stupid commentators, sending huge armies of staff overseas for sports events. Sell the BBC, soon!

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