Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 21, 2019

Bring Out Your Dead, Leavers, Of Course!

“Remain” are so classy, apparently, as they publish this  guide to how “Leaver” deaths have swung the Brexit odds in their favour. Not that democracy enacted in 2016 should be ignored in 2019. Time to drain the swamp!

Okay, as Dr Niall McCrae writes, “We know Hampstead champagne socialist Polly Toynbee is an incorrigible Remainer. No news there. But her latest tweet about a so-called People’s Vote (the losing side’s determined effort to reverse the 2016 referendum result) has gone beyond the pale – even for many of her fellow Remain followers. Here is her dehumanising tweet, celebrating the deaths of parents and grandparents up and down the country. ‘What was ‘the will of people’ is now ‘the will of dead people’. From Saturday, new young remain voters on register tip the balance v old dead leavers. Time for a Final Say Referendum.’

“The responses offer an illuminating view of how most people abhor extremism, whatever their political tastes. Here are a few examples: -‘Has it ever occurred to you that the older you are, it usually equates to greater knowledge & experience. The younger you are, it’s the other way round. The ‘old’ therefore have seen all of the good & the bad of the EU since 1975 & are much better placed to make a judgement on it.’..’I’m truly embarrassed that there are people in this country who have no national pride, that would put its faith in a foreign institution and that treats its older generation with such derision. I personally blame the leftist educational system for this.’ ‘This is in appalling bad taste. Imagine the situation was reversed & people of the right were making the comment. You, Jones et al would be on the ceiling.’

On the last tweet, “‘Next you’ll be suggesting that I get my mum euthanised as she’s in her 80’s. What a lovely person you are.” the response was “Toynbee (Polly) is a champion of euthanasia. Except for herself of course; she’d like to continue her sermons for many years yet”.

McCrae ends by stating “Not wanting to sound like a snowflake, though, I would give arrogant, antidemocratic Remainers enough rope to hang themselves. As another Tweet suggested for Toynbee’s opinion piece ‘If there is a so called Final Say or People’s Vote or whatever nonsense you want to call it, the Leave campaign should put this article on a billboard and the referendum will soon turn into a Final Say on Decency and Civility”.

Can any member of “Remain”really believe that this “reactionary organisation” is disinclined to make any fuss about a prominent commentator beckoning the old to their burial?


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