Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 20, 2019

Remarkable Redrow Defeat At Calderstones Park Liverpool

Liverpool Open and Green Spaces Community Interest Company (LOGS)  are delighted to have been successful in their judicial review cases. LOGS agree with and welcome Mayor Anderson’s prompt response:

“The first thing to say about today’s Judicial Review statement is that the
Harthill scheme is dead. It will not be resurrected. In any form.”

“LOGS would like to thank the many hundreds of people who have donated to help fund the legal costs and barristers fees in order to mount a robust legal challenge to help save Calderstones Park .

“We also thank all those who have freely given their expertise and time for the campaign; LOGS have worked closely with the Save Calderstones Campaign support group whose tireless efforts in both fund raising and awareness raising have been so crucial.”

LOGS had challenged the legality of plans, approved by the Council, to build a luxury housing estate on 13 acres of protected green wedge – including Calderstones Park and Beechley green space. “The openness of our green space and the integrity of Calderstones Park will be damaged irrevocably if any of these building plans are allowed to proceed. The ‘orchard’ paddocks and former Botanical Gardens (& later green recycling depot) at Harthill are part of Calderstones Park and along with the Beechley horse paddocks  these represent an important part of our undeveloped Green Wedge”.

Now, Judge Mr Justice Kerr has quashed Liverpool City Council’s original decision to grant planning permission because of the impact on Calderstones Park.

The mayor had been a supporter of Redrow’s plans, saying the housing plan would have generated additional revenue to improve the park’s facilities. The judge also agreed with LOGS the council had failed to recognise the important heritage of the Harthill Estate. He said he was “troubled” council planning officers had given too little weight to concerns raised by the council’s own conservation team about the harm the development would cause to the heritage of Beechley House and its surroundings.


  1. Commissar Big Joe Anderson has accepted defeat…… Hallelujah! But here’s a thing, Joe – the case went all the way up to the High Court at the Old Bailey, it’s cost a fortune in legal fees, so who is going to pay the price, and pick up the tab for your vainglorious millionaires row vision?

    • Yes, costs follow the case? Council tax payers will pay for what Anderson wanted?

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