Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 20, 2019

Dirty Deal Revealed in The Sunday Times?

Theresa May’s government is facing meltdown today as  reveals how a senior House of Commons official helped rebel MPs who are plotting to derail Brexit.

“Leaked emails obtained by this newspaper show that Dominic Grieve, the former attorney-general, has been in secret communications with Colin Lee, the clerk of bills, with the explicit intention of suspending Britain’s departure from the European Union”. 

It’s reported Lee drew up three versions of the plan for Grieve, each of which would overturn centuries of parliamentary precedent, and then swore him to secrecy. MPs will tomorrow unveil their plan to hijack the agenda of the Commons to suspend article 50, the mechanism by which the UK is leaving the EU. An email from Mr Lee to Mr Grieve at 6.12pm on Wednesday read: “What follows is just for you and you will understand the terms.” He also said “We have been thinking that legislation is needed, but it occurs to me that the substantive motion, say calling for article 50 extension, could be made.” And on Thursday he reportedly sent the three options drawing up the plans to overturn the standard rules of Parliament.

The plotters are set to meet Monday at 1pm in Labour chairman of the Brexit select committee Hilary Benns office, to decide what version to table, according to the newspaper. Vice-chairman of the European Research Group (ERG) of Brexiteers Steve Baker  said: “Of course clerks are there to assist members but Dominic is now working to overturn the normal procedures of parliament and to overturn them in the cause of overturning a referendum result. I am appalled.”

The revelations came as the prime minister’s plan B to salvage her Brexit deal can be disclosed. She wants to offer a bilateral treaty to Ireland that would remove the hated “backstop” from the EU withdrawal treaty and prevent a hard border by other means. 



  1. Am utterly appalled with the connivance going on. Dominic Grieve, that odious little man John Bercow, Mad woman Soubry & Harry Potter Benn should hang their heads in shame. If there is any welching, any kicking the can down the road or looking for long grass to bury Brexit in, there really will be trouble.

    • Two appalling words “Dominic” and “Grieve”, truly odious in every way. As for the others, democracy doesn’t enter their vocabulary.

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