Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 18, 2019

I’m Indebted To The Guido Fawkes Website For This Hilarious News

 Viewers may have detected a slight edge to the Question Time  exchanges last night between Isabel Oakeshott and Diane Abbott. The awkwardness began earlier in the evening on the train to Derby when they found themselves sat next to each other in First Class. Diane was, according to Guido’s source in the carriage, not amused to find herself sat next to the bad girl of Brexit. Small talk was limited on the journey.

When they arrived at Derby station, Diane somehow managed to drop her money on the floor. She struggled to pick up the money, which given Diane’s generous size she was finding difficult to retrieve from under the table and chairs. Given that the train would soon be pulling out of the station, Isabel helped pick up the coins, lest Question Time’s other guest should miss her station. Handing the cash back to Diane, Isabel quipped “I’m tempted to make a political point about Labour’s recklessness with money.” The other First Class passengers laughed. Diane responded with her trademark death stare…



  1. Socialists such as Diane Abbott rarely have a sense of humour.

    • Indeed, happiness and humour, the ability to laugh at oneself, are for less intensively minded, relaxed, normal individuals.

  2. I read a statistic once that Diane Abbott receives more abuse than any other MP. For a black female MP, that’s pretty disgusting. She was interrupted more than any other pannelist on QT.They even jeered her on selective polling stats. Several polls (including YouGov) put Labour level or AHEAD. As for GF as a source- I’d be careful using that racist, rabidly pro-tory rag.This blog’smuch better thanthat.

    • Isn’t that missing the point? Oakeshott is a political journalist, Abbott is a politician. Put them together and a story will emerge. Where the story was published is neither here or there, it was copied to twitter too. Abbott is a public figure. Some public figures seek notoriety, others have it thrust upon them, but either way they live with it. As for statistics, polls, and opinions, aren’t they just that, but what matters are facts? Pro-Tory, pro- Labour, one source is as good, or bad, as another.

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