Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 15, 2019

The Trial And Death Of Democracy?

John Redwood  wrote “Today UK democracy is on trial in Parliament. The people voted, yet a large number of MPs want to deny them the results of their vote. Some Remain MPs are too clever by half and too clever for the good of Parliament. They argue that Parliament will take back control, as people wanted, but their idea of Parliament taking back control is to return massive powers to the EU or to prevent us leaving EU control in the first place. What an unpleasant irony! They wish to go to war with the people, and deny them the result of the People’s Vote, cynically misrepresenting that as taking back control”.

Voting in constituencies throws up some strange issues vis a vis MPs, Brexit, and the electorate. In West Lancashire Rosie Cooper  in 2015 received 24,474 votes but in 2016 35,323 voted Leave. Elsewhere Tom Brake Limpdum in Carshalton got 20,819, but the referendum voted Leave 40,000! He’s called for a second referendum. And in Hull West Emma Hardy Labour got 18,342 but the referendum voted Leave with just over 46,000, 67.8%!

70% of Labour MPS hold Leave voting constituencies. So why are we facing death of democracy by a remain parliament? Perhaps we aren’t, as Bill Cash MP  stated “Today the Speaker confirmed to me that only statute can overrule statute, therefore the Grieve amendment, or any other amendments, will not have any legislative effect and cannot undo the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 on the 29th March”. 

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