Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 15, 2019

BBC Employee Hypocrisy?

The BBC is proposing to stop we “grey” 75+ year old citizens from receiving “free” TV licences. Many of us paid our fee for years knowing of the fortunes paid to so-called “BBC stars”. One of them is Jeremy Vine , who on Radio 5 yesterday asked “Do we need a maximum age for voters? We have an aging population and as a result so-called “grey voters” have a huge influence over the outcome of elections and referendums. Is that fair when they’re less likely to have to live through the consequences?”.

Vine was speaking FOR the BBC ON the BBC. His question drew ire from tweeters, such as “No doubt intended to be provocative, but what is depressing is that there are people who would concur with this and allow others to think this is acceptable. Ageist, ungrateful, disrespectful, sad”.

In July last year when the BBC was forced to publish the salaries of its highest-paid stars for the first time. Radio 2/Eggheads host Vine was revealed to earn between £700,000-£749,999.

That’s probably one reason why the BBC should be sold to the highest commercial bidder and made to find its own commercial level without receiving guaranteed fees. 


  1. Fully agree. And the BBC is little more than the propaganda arm of the Tory government. The same Tory government that promised to safeguard the free status for over 75’s. Yet another Tory scandal.

  2. I don’t listen to Vine on R2 – but I do (until today) occasionally watch his morning TV show on Channel 5. He repeated the proposition this morning and had it as a phone-in. In the end, I had to switch off, otherwise there’d be a brick going through the telly. I won’t be watching the programme again, unbelievably insulting and crassly ignorant. Substitute ‘old people’ for Chinese people, Gay people, Disabled people etc and you can see you utterly unacceptable the proposition is. Having watched Vine intermittently since he took over the Channel 5 show a few months ago, what has struck me most is just how thick he appears to be. For someone who makes his very nice living in the world of current affairs, he seems to be totally ignorant of most things. BTW, the other phone-in on his TV show this morning was ‘Should we just call off Brexit’…… 🙄

    • An “educated thicko” like Vine is the worst kind of all the BBC presenters. Why does the BBC not realise it? They employ ex footballers at £millions and then let them comment on politics. Says it all about the BBC bosses!

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