Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 14, 2019

Serco Concedes “Commercial In Confidence” For Beacon Park Golf Course Royalty Issue

In a remarkable landmark letter the Chief Executive of Serco plc Mr Rupert Soames  has disposed of any “Commercial in Confidence” rights held by Serco as he discloses that “As regards royalties, the total revenue Serco has received from Oaklands [Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd] is £183,864. Of this sum, we have invested over £42,000 into a junior play area and fencing on the site [but not the golf course!]. It is important to note that we are under no contractual or legal obligation to invest this money at Beacon Park, but nevertheless, we have committed to West Lancashire borough Council that is what we will do”.

Mr Soames also discloses “The operation of Beacon Park has been extremely challenging in part due to the land re-profiling operation and the national decline in the popularity of golf as a participation sport. This is a business that was already losing money before we became involved. This combination of factors has resulted in an operating loss to Serco at Beacon Park of £285,000 since 2012. Therefore, far from the excessive profits that you suggest we’ve made from the golf centre, we have actually incurred a loss, which the landfill royalties have not been used to offset”.

While there is much to dispute in the letter, including one remarkable defence of there being issues regarding bar supplies of beer, an essential element of any 19th Hole, Mr Soames claims that “We have never been in a position where we had no bar supplies” which is hotly disputed by senior golfers who had to adjourn to a nearby pub because Serco had no draught beer in any of its seven draught pumps. 

Mr Soames is reputed to have inherited a large share of the £22,000,000 estate of his mother Lady Mary Soames, daughter of Winston Churchill, a few years ago. 

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