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Rosie Cooper Brexit Latest News

Rosie Cooper MP statement on the EU Referendum vote
24th June, 2016

In response to the decision of the British people to Leave the European Union, West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said “Today’s EU Referendum result marks a momentous day in British history. A result that has led to the Prime Minister being forced to resign just one year after winning a general election. As with the rest of the country, West Lancashire residents voted in favour to Leave by a margin of 55.26 per cent to 44.66 percent. A generation-defining decision.

“Throughout this campaign there were passionate and deeply held views expressed on both sides of the debate. For politicians of all political parties and on either side of the debate the referendum result must be respected, but the large minority vote to Remain should also be acknowledged too. Going forward we have to return to the common cause of working in the best interests of the British people who have made their decision.

“Our only certainty at the moment is the uncertainty of the immediate future. Friday morning brought great volatility in the currency and stock markets. Highlighting the absolute need for government to secure stability in the British economy. We are in a situation that demands national leadership. We cannot afford for the Conservative Party to disappear off into an obsession with infighting over David Cameron’s successor.

“For the people of West Lancashire the priorities now need to be economic stability to protect jobs, businesses and trade, pensions, worker’s rights, living standards, and our public services.
The least well-off and our most vulnerable residents cannot be allowed to be cut further adrift in Britain’s new future. The vote to Leave has to be made to work for all people and for all communities”.

Rosie Cooper MP statement on Brexit Bill vote
6th February, 2017

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper was one of 498 MPs who voted in favour of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill to enable the government to trigger Article 50 ahead of their end of March 2017 deadline.

Speaking to the Champion, MP Rosie Cooper said “In 2011 I voted to support a Commons motion calling for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. I believed then that the British people needed to have their say on our relationship with the EU. It was clear there was and is huge disillusionment and we need an opportunity to step-back and consider our relationship.

“I voted for the Bill triggering Article 50 last week because the British people have now had their democratic say and a majority have chosen to leave the EU. Here in West Lancashire 55% of people voting also chose to the leave the EU.

“Throughout this process I have championed the right of British voters to have their say and absolutely believe those wishes have to be honoured”.

Today, a political blog “Guido Fawkes” brings you “a list of Britain’s most hypocritical Brexit MPs. Those who voted for Article 50, but are now determined to stop Brexit, by opposing both no deal, and May’s deal. 123 MPs feature on the list, from Michael Fallon to Kier Starmer, Chuka Umunna to Sarah Wollaston”. Also included is Rosie Cooper MP for West Lancashire. We feel sure she will make a statement to clarify her referendum wishes from 2011 up to her 2019 Brexit commitment to honour the wishes of her constituency? 


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