Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 10, 2019

No End In Sight For Local Plan Criticism

Letters to The Champion this week  provide excoriating comments about the proposed Local Plan. “Council is prepared to sacrifice our Green Belt for no good reason”, followed by “Glowing picture of new Local Plan ignores serious infrastructure problems”, and “It’s not too late to stop our borough being ruined”, all take up huge letters space.

While all of the letters refer to the seemingly impossible lack of services and infrastructure, one particular message relates to the borough having the highest percentage of green belt in the country, which is because we have the best and most fertile agricultural land in the country, which the council is prepared to sacrifice for no good reason. And, tellingly, this letter also pours shame on a Labour council willing to ignore the needs of the many to satisfy the greed of the wealthy.

Hardly something any Labour council wants to be accused of?


  1. Labour WLBC have shown themselves to be particularly disgusting. The last LP was forced through, despite public outcry. Labour sat by, hand-wringing while the Tory property portfolio holding Planning bod drove his metaphoric bulldozer all over residents. Fast forward. Labour in control, and another portfolio holding Planning hod bulldozing an even worse plan through. Beneath contempt.

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