Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 9, 2019

79 More Days Counting Down

When we now read that Germany is staggering into recession, with its industrial production slumping, factory output down 1.9% in one month, production down 4.7% in one year, and this is the economic powerhouse of the eurozone, the repercussions for the EU are major. The eurozone itself is deep in trouble, its official European Commission survey admitting its economic confidence level has been down for the longest losses since the financial crisis way back when.

Labour Leave’s  Top 5 Manifesto Objectives as described by Laura Bierer-Nielsen  the Director of Policy and Research at Labour Leave.  
“Return all law-making powers to the UK Parliament, renewing our democracy; Ensure complete control over immigration policy and visas; Secure free trade in goods and services with Europe; Pursue global trade deals which protect our public services; Rebalance our economy, helping firms to achieve higher productivity, with rising wages and investing in the infrastructure to support export-led growth.

“It is possible – although unlikely – that we will not secure a free trade deal in which case WTO tariffs would apply. This has been portrayed in some quarters as being a disastrous outcome but this is surely an absurd exaggeration. It would be disappointing to have tariffs on trade between the UK and the EU27 re-imposed, but on industrial goods the average import duty would only be about 2.5%. If agricultural products are included, he average rises to about 4%, but if services ae included it drops back again to around 2.5%.

“If, on the other hand, we were to stay in the Single Market, we should be able to continue with “free movement”, but very probably at the cost of continuing high levels of net contributions to the EU budget (£9bn in 2017), no restraints on EU immigration, and continuing EU regulation over which, as non-members, we would have no control. This would look like a very poor deal to the 52% of the electorate which voted for Brexit in June 2016.

“How would these options look when measured against the key wider criteria by which they are likely to be judged? Would trade, especially the sections of it involving tightly managed supply chains, be disrupted? Would trade diminish, thus losing us the benefits from specialisation from which the benefits from trade essentially arise? Would we lose out as the EU27 sold much more to us than we to them?

“Getting goods through a border quickly and reliably is essentially a management problem. It will help that ‘Just in Time’ operations are almost entirely conducted by trusted traders, not by small time operators who are likely to need checks. The fact that large volumes of world trade involving supply chains are conducted across WTO borders shows that it is perfectly possible to overcome any potential problems”.

So, the question for Rosie Cooper MP, in “vote leave West Lancashire”, is “does she support Labour Leave”?


  1. She voted to trigger Article 50. She needs to ensure that the wishes of her electorate are respected.

    • That’s right. She is respected for her support for Article 50, would she risk that respect by defying the wishes of the electorate? MPs have always accepted their General Election support and decisions. Why would a national referendum be any different?

  2. Cannot tell you just how appallingly I think the usual suspects have been behaving at Westminster. From Theresa May’s all-round sclerotic imbecility, the utterly deranged Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve’s contemptible connivance and John ‘biased’ Bercow with his small man, booming voice complex, made real via his despotic Dickensian character. The bloody lot of them need deselecting. If Brexit, PROPER Brexit doesn’t happen there really will be hell to pay. Prepare for ‘the people’s rebellion’ – not dreamed up in a posh Islington kitchen by uber remainer, people’s vote obsessive and faithful Soros lackey, Roland Rudd – but spontaneously erupting all over the country by ordinary people who are increasingly becoming very, very angry. MPs are playing with fire, they better get coffee smelling real quick, because if they don’t, all hell is going to break out.

    • Well said. Prepare to march…I’m ready for hell and back, although I might need a walking stick…!

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