Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 8, 2019

EU Politics Exposed?

Yesterday in Parliament

Greg Hands MP  Conservative Chelsea and Fulham “Did my right hon. Friend see the interview in the Augsburger Allgemeine on 11 December given by Martin Selmayr, secretary-general of the European Commission in which he said about the Commission: “We have negotiated hard, and realised all our objectives”? He says that the agreement “shows that leaving the EU…doesn’t work”. Other Brussels officials have said that the UK is “locked in” and that “losing Northern Ireland is the price Britain has to pay for Brexit”. Is my right hon. Friend really as enthusiastic as Martin Selmayr and the Commission about this agreement?

Stephen Barclay MP  The Secretary of State For Exiting the European Union “My right hon. Friend brings to the House his specialist interest, understanding and engagement in German politics, but the Prime Minister has been clear throughout—the political declaration itself makes this clear—about the sovereign position on Northern Ireland. Its constitutional status is unequivocally guaranteed and the integrity of the UK’s internal market and Northern Ireland’s place within it are preserved. She has made that extremely clear, and the political declaration also makes it clear, but of course politicians in Germany, like those in the UK, will make a range of statements”.

Kate Hoey MP  Labour Vauxhall “Does the Secretary of State agree that the British public understand this whole debate about the EU much better than they are sometimes given credit for here? Does he also agree that some of the wording and scare stories put about on the possibility of going over to WTO rules are outrageous? Will he as Secretary of State make sure that his Department does everything it can to ensure that the full truth of what WTO would mean gets across to the public, who I think are already aware that this is a way forward?”

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