Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 4, 2019

Rosie Cooper MP Reports

Rosie Cooper MP  writes “A lot has gone on since my last newsletter with the delivery of a lacklustre Budget by the Chancellor Phillip Hammond while closer to home Cuadrilla ignore the rules of health and safety on the back of their 30+ incidents of seismic activity within a matter of weeks of beginning their fracking operations. I and fellow Lancashire MPs have loudly called an immediate halt to fracking.

“UK Parliament Week and the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy has given me more opportunities to visit schools and scout groups in West Lancashire, as well as getting around to local businesses such as Viridor Plastic Recycling 

in Skelmersdale. There has been some positive developments locally with the reduction of the speed limit on Ormskirk’s County Road and some progress towards the fixing of the mess at Beacon Park Golf Course by Serco, but unfortunately knife crime is still happening in Skelmersdale which is why I am demanding more of the Police and the Government who are under-resourcing them. 




  1. The sooner lacklustre MP Rosie Cooper steps aside for a life long Labour supporter who is prepared to fight all fights instead of just the popular (for 1 person) ones, the better.

    • It seems unlikely the choice of replacement in due course will be made locally, as so many candidates come with backers whose offers cannot be refused!

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