Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 2, 2019

Has A Village Lost Its Idiot?

Former diplomat John Kerr, who is now an unelected member of the Doss-House of Lords as Kerr of Kinlochard   and who was a member of the European Convention that devised the mechanism under which Britain is set to leave the bloc this year, has been campaigning for a second referendum. Kerr told the Herald and the Edinburgh Forum “Scots of all parties and none should rally behind the People’s Vote cause. Glasgow and Edinburgh have long been great European cities. We mustn’t let short-sighted Little Englander prejudice hem us in”. 

Speaking in public he has said “We native Brits are so bloody stupid that we need an injection of intelligent people, young people from outside who come in and wake us up from time to time”. In response to the remarks, Peter Lilley MP (a Eurosceptic Conservative) walked out of the event, and said he had considered reporting the peer to the police for hate speech and being “racially abusive of the British people”. Lilley said “I think these comments revealed the contempt that some Eurocrats like Lord Kerr have for ordinary British people. They think they are there to rule the country and hugely resent any interference by the electorate. To say the British people are stupid and then to suggest that housing has nothing to do with immigration displays such profound stupidity that one wonders why he lectures other people. It is particularly odd coming from a man who is racially abusive of British people”.

In January 2018 Kerr told the Lords “We will huff and puff but, in the end, we will basically come to heel [pic from ConservativeHome]. The 27 will tell us that, provided it is for a limited period, a transition agreement, a standstill agreement, can be written on an Article 50 legal base, but the key will be that it should be a very short deal, so it is a part of the withdrawal process rather than a continuing new relationship between a third country and the EU. We will huff and puff. Mr Johnson will say, “Ah, but there are no new EU regulations or laws”. Mr Gove will say, “Ah, but no CFP”. Mr Fox will say that he wants to be free to undercut the common commercial policy, but the other side will say that we cannot cherry pick. We will come to heel in the end, probably quite quickly, because it is very important to avoid the cliff edge next year”.

“My Lords, conversation with continental friends is becoming a little awkward because they are embarrassed at the scale of our humiliation. The declaration evokes particular derision and surprise, surprise because Article 50 called for the drafters of the withdrawal treaty to take account of the framework for the future relationship. That sequence has been reversed. The divorce came first”.

He has voted in only 31.5% of Lords divisions. Kerr was Foreign Office Permanent-Under-Secretary from 1997 to 2002, after spells in HM Treasury (where he was Principal Private Secretary to Chancellors Howe and Lawson), and as Ambassador to the EU (1990/95), Moscow, Pakistan and the US (1995/97). In 2002/3 he was Secretary General of the EU Convention under President Giscard d’Estaing. He “Has never voted on raising England’s undergraduate tuition fee cap to £9,000 per year; Generally voted for more EU integration; Generally voted against an equal number of electors per parliamentary constituency; Has never voted on university tuition fees”.

Are you up for “coming to heel” in this land of “Little Englander prejudice”? Or when will the village have its idiot returned?  

ConservativeHome states “We close our opening to 2019 by reflecting on Kerr’s favourite phrase. Into those mere three words is packed a universe of assumptions: about the supposed inevitability of Britain remaining in the EU – despite the British people deciding otherwise, in the biggest popular vote in our history; about the relationship between rulers and ruled; about the omniscience of an ascendancy class that crosses national boundaries, and so can’t be held accountable at all. Coming to heel means knowing your place. The implications for even a country as historically stable as Britain are baleful.

“Kerr has whistled, clicked his fingers, and now expects us the rest of us to fall into line behind the class of which he is a member, conceding our place in the natural order of things. If we do so, we cannot simply blame the absence of Vote Leave, the ascendancy’s sense of ownership and entitlement, or even the Government’s failings (not to mention those of Jeremy Corbyn)”. 

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