Wally On Peace And Goodwill

Readers may recall the insults heaped on residents of Aughton by Tory Wally Westley in December some years ago when he told the public at the Aughton Parish Council “The campaign was a disaster, lies were told door to door and the campaign was a waste of time”.

And who can forget his accusation by email of another Tory councillor being “snide”?

But in the WestLancsNews Members Newsletter 2018  he writes of there being “Little Evidence of goodwill or peace within the Parliamentary Conservative Party…it is very disappointing to hear of the intemperate language and lack of respect being paid to our Prime Minister. The damage to our party is huge…”.

Readers might think it seems hypocritical, not to mention inappropriate, for the Association Chairman to mention “intemperate language and lack of respect” given his track record? 


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