The Aughton Mudslinger Is Coming

On December 13th WLR reported on the Aughton Parish Council and how a lady who resides on Long Lane single handed brought the meeting to a 10 minute suspension. It used to take about 50+ unruly Aughtonians to achieve that!

She was the author of a letter/survey to Long Lane residents. Included in it was “Now, in our quest to determine, why, on God’s good earth this Lane has no traffic calming in place already we contacted Lancashire County Council Highways Department (Preston) 0300 123 6701 which has two divisions: Road Speed Safety Management –Deals with road signage. Traffic Calming–Deals with traffic slowing obstacles (highway engineering).

“With great fortune, I spoke to Alan in the Highways Department who told me there have been many highway complaints from Long Lane over an extended period, but his team only logs reported incidents and since not everyone formally reports incidents the list he sent me is remarkably short. Yet, I alone know of 6 this year (and guess what? they are not on his list).

“Now, apparently, the key criteria for placing road-calming measures is the number of “incidents”. Therefore, if like ourselves: 1 You have experienced or have seen accidents & incidents in the last 5 years on the Lane. 2 Are elderly/have young children who are at your property and fear that Lane (crossing it, driving out onto it). 3 Suffer from the noise and emissions pollution in a residential area. 4 Are seriously concerned about the implications of the above and want a solution, then, please, take the time to fill out your concerns and information about any “Lane” incidents you’ve had in the past 5 years. Then post this back to us/scan it and email it over, or if you are elderly and can’t get out, give us a call and we’ll pick your contribution up.

“We will then collate and send on all of our concerns to the Highways Department, the Local Parish Councillors, the District Councillors, the Local Paper (the rest of Aughton) clearly demonstrating the extent of the risk and misery we endure as a very loud collective voice and demand traffic calming measures restoring Law and Order  to the Wild West outside all of our front doors. The ticket reference with the Council is 139216”.

She now writes “In any event, you’ll be quite surprised (or maybe not) that we are now up to 218 incidents & near misses recorded and responses are still being received as with the weather I didn’t send them all out at once and likewise, who wants to traipse up this dangerous Lane in howling wind and rain at this time of year?

“It’s highly likely there’ll be a very much higher count in the end. The Highways Agency only had around 15 recorded incidents in 5 years which is well below reality. Unfortunately though, smiley faces aren’t going to cut this, some of the stories are horrific, it is a ticking box exercise from as you allude, inept Councillors, who I’m proud to report adjourned their monthly meeting with my presence as they didn’t like what they heard from me. That being the truth!

“I’m thinking of moving forward with this as “The Most Dangerous Lane in Lancashire” since your other problem is that of the Local Housing Plan which likewise, we think is an utterly appalling idea. Citing this end of the Lane as being responsible for the aforementioned namesake might well help stick a big nail in that problem for you. I mean, mud sticks, and I’m up for a lot of mudslinging on this. And again, if the Councillors can’t get fundamental resident safety right then one has to question their ability to make a decision on housing. They should be thrown out if road safety is anything to go on”.

As we all know, the Borough Aughton Park councillors are Stephenson (known to sleep on the job ) and M Westley. They live in Halsall. It’s time they were advised to stay there and Aughton, all of it, should elect Aughton residents. 

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