Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 17, 2018

Who The Hell Does Blair Think He Is?

That question was asked today by journalist Dominic Lawson . The article mentions “a recent poll that showed only 2% of the British population to have a “very favourable” opinion of Tony Blair[ that much?]. It is, wrote Lawson, the sort of approval rating a mass-murderer might be expected to get, which happens to be how many members of his own party described him in the wake of the Iraq war.

“Blair has been back on the airwaves over the last few days insisting the people must be made to vote again, after having got it wrong in the EU referendum. This is an interesting evolution of his position in 2004, when just days after he promised a referendum on the proposed EU Constitution (later to be renamed the Lisbon Treaty) journalistic pressure forced him to categorically state that the people mustn’t be asked to vote again and again”. Blair told the Guardian 

“If the British people vote no, they vote no. You can’t then start bringing it back until they vote yes”. If the British people vote no in this referendum, that is their verdict. That is absolutely clear”.

Has he changed his mind, or was he doing what he always did best, lying again? Or perhaps he is just simply deranged as he feels “a renewed sense of mission”, for which God help us all!


  1. Interesting ‘mass murderer’ analogy, considering how many deaths his illegal war lead to. He should be behind bars, not on TV.

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