Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 17, 2018

The UK’s Exports To The EU

This is the second part of the letter from a businessperson who backed Leave at the referendum but who thinks there is a small “Remainer” clique of advisers in Downing Street who have concocted, with the Prime Minister, a vassal state deal with the EU.

“Dear Prime Minister , it is not credible to assert any long-term or even short-term disruption (By the French).

“Let’s turn to the second set of scare stories running against a Sovereign Brexit. We keep being warned about “lorry parks in Kent”. The idea is that Calais will  somehow impose restrictions on us, so that we won’t be able to get our goods speedily into France and through to the rest of the EU. Of course, we send just 6% of the UK’s exports through Calais, and those exports can swiftly be diverted to go through other ports, were Calais were to seek to prevent the easy flow of UK goods into Europe.

“But we needn’t particularly worry about anything like that happening, because every local official from Calais, and the Pas de Calais region , has said that this will not happen.

“It would take an edict from President Macron, an edict that would be entirely illegal, whether in EU law or in the WTO agreement, to impose such a blockade (Indeed, if you really were to believe, and I for one don’t think you do, that Macron would truly seek to impose an illegal blockade, then it would be utterly abject of you, and unworthy of the Prime Minister of our sovereign nation, to bow to a perception of a threat of this sort).

“In any event, let us assume that the worst happens and that Macron does indeed seek some way of blocking British exports into the EU. The French did that once before, when they for a while diverted Japanese VCRs to Poitiers, so that EU manufacturers could win in the VCR market.

“They were very swiftly brought to court by the WTO and made to stop. Japanese VCRs continued to dominate the world (and the EU) market. France has never tried that trick again. And what would be the result for the French, were they to try it on us? Well, within a couple of weeks, as their just-in-time-systems were affected, thousands of French and German auto workers, possibly tens of thousands, in the unlikely event that the French were successful for more than a few days, would be thrown out of work, as French and German car manufacturing plants had to shut down.

“Do you really think Prime Minister that this would be allowed to happen? Or is your assertion, that somehow the EU would inflict such a monstrous act of self-harm upon itself, just a stance that you are pretending to believe in, so as to insist on this foolish deal that you and the EU are trying to impose upon the British people?”

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