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Come On Rosie Cooper, Get A Move On With Brexit!

Rosie Cooper MP statement on the EU Referendum vote, 24th June, 2016.

In response to the decision of the British people to Leave the European Union, West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper  said “Today’s EU Referendum result marks a momentous day in British history. A result that has led to the Prime Minister being forced to resign just one year after winning a general election. As with the rest of the country, West Lancashire residents voted in favour to Leave by a margin of 55.26 per cent to 44.66 percent. A generation-defining decision. Throughout this campaign there were passionate and deeply held views expressed on both sides of the debate.

“For politicians of all political parties and on either side of the debate the referendum result must be respected, but the large minority vote to Remain should also be acknowledged too. Going forward we have to return to the common cause of working in the best interests of the British people who have made their decision.

“Our only certainty at the moment is the uncertainty of the immediate future. Friday morning brought great volatility in the currency and stock markets. Highlighting the absolute need for government to secure stability in the British economy. We are in a situation that demands national leadership. We cannot afford for the Conservative Party to disappear off into an obsession with infighting over David Cameron’s successor.

“For the people of West Lancashire the priorities now need to be economic stability to protect jobs, businesses and trade, pensions, worker’s rights, living standards, and our public services. The least well-off and our most vulnerable residents cannot be allowed to be cut further adrift in Britain’s new future. The vote to Leave has to be made to work for all people and for all communities”.

We haven’t heard any more from Rosie on Brexit. She had told the Visiter “In October 2011 I voted on a motion in the House of Commons calling for a debate on Britain’s relationship with European Union. I am a pro-European and believe that our economic future lies with Europe. Ahead of the referendum we need to consider the security of jobs, growth and investment along with the protection of workers and consumer rights. For some time it has been evident there is significant disillusionment amongst people and the British people wanted an opportunity to have their say. It was for this reason that I voted in support of a referendum”.

After she voted to trigger Article 50, she supported her party in other votes. She voted against the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill at Second Reading. She retains her reputation as a constituency MP by backing the Beacon Park Golf Seniors, and for her involvement in social and health issues and the NHS. Now, Labour’s attitude to Brexit and a second referendum could cost them 19 of their 25 most marginal seats, making a Labour government a more distant prospect.

Voters want to get a move on with Brexit and are not interested in a second referendum. Global Britain conducted a new poll of the 25 most marginal Labour seats and found 58 per cent of voters declared that politicians should get on with the UK leaving the EU and respect the result of the referendum. 63 per cent thought politicians should respect the referendum result whatever their personal opinion and so consequently almost half of voters (44 per cent) said if their MP blocked Brexit in Parliament, they would be less likely to support them.

45 per cent of voters thought Brexit to be the most important issue facing the country and a huge four-fifths of voters (80 per cent) stated that the sooner Brexit is finished the better, and that the issue has now dragged on enough.

The vast majority of voters were against a second referendum, with only 22 per cent wanting one. The message is clear to Labour: prevent Brexit and you prevent your party becoming a government. The poll was conducted by IQR using a weighted sample of 500 in each constituency over the last weeks. Coming out as it did just at the time of the Labour conference, it sent a message to the Labour leadership that backing a second referendum or delaying Brexit would be electoral suicide.

Rosie Cooper MP Statement on European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, 15th September, 2017.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said “Let me be clear – Brexit is happening, don’t let anyone try to fool you on that. I voted in favour of holding a referendum, I voted in favour of triggering Article 50, and I will continue to vote to represent the will of West Lancashire residents.

“This Bill is about how we leave the EU, and I could not agree to the power grab where Theresa May and the Tories were trying to take decisions away from Parliament and concentrating it in their own hands.

“We voted to leave the European Union to put power and law-making back in the hands of the British people, not to hand it over to a Tory Cabinet, making decisions behind closed doors. It would be very dangerous to give the Prime Minister a blank cheque before we see what deal can be done.

“I will continue to vote to ensure Brexit progresses as per the timetable set out, and will scrutinise this Bill when it comes back before Parliament to safeguard our current vital rights and protections”.

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