Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 13, 2018

Trouble In Tarleton?

A “new resident” of Tarleton is disappointed by unruly behaviour around the village Christmas tree. Writing to the Champion  the resident complains of items thrown, youths racing around the square on unlit cycles, and then coming within a second of hitting a moving car. Are there any police or neighbourhood watch patrols in the village?

Neighbourhood Watch patrols? Where did “New resident Tarleton” come from? Neighbourhood Watch is a voluntary service that receives no support from police or councils in West Lancashire. And police have been known to respond to matters more serious, such as the armed response to a call from the borough Tory Leader when the Halsall anti-frackers held a publicity event near the polling station. That’s the degree of alleged offence that can bring police to the scene. Real crime? Forget it!

I was unable to attend the Aughton Parish Council  meeting on Monday. But news reached me that no WLBC/LCC Aughton Cllrs attended. Five WLBC Cllrs, two LCC Cllrs, all, apparently, engaged at other meetings.

It’s reported there was an altercation from a Long Lane resident lady who imposed her views on Long Lane traffic so forcibly the APC Chairman Jones suspended the meeting for 10 minutes. The lady who prompted our “Wacky Races”  articles addressed the APC and supplied them each with a copy of her leaflet concerning the traffic on Long Lane.

She was very ‘vocal’ in her address and paced up and down in front of the Chairman. She informed the APC that during the 12 months she had lived on Long Lane she had nearly been killed in one traffic incident and there had been numerous other incidents and near misses related to her by other residents. Because of her forceful delivery and choice not to sit down when invited to do so, Chairman Jones adjourned the meeting for 10 minutes. Once the meeting recommenced he offered advice to her as to who she should address her concerns (Ward and LCC Councillors). There was also discussion regarding the SPIDS for which she quoted figures/statistics indicating that they were not effective in reducing traffic speeds etc.

The APC Cllrs discussed their Local Plan representation before it being submitted to WLBC and Cllr Jones then read out its contents to the public in attendance. It consisted of a couple of pages covering salient opposition points and was in much more detail than their previous efforts!

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