Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 13, 2018

BBC News Of The BBC

News of the soft soap stooges. The BBC has overspent at a time when it intends to screw over 75s who don’t pay for a BBC licence after a lifetime of paying it, and is accused of “outrageous overspend” after splurging £87million of Taxpayer cash to build a new soap EastEnders set just a few hundred yards from the old one.

The soap set is £27million over the original budget and the project is expected to be nearly five years late. Work to rebuild and extend Albert Square was due to be completed in August at a cost of £59.7million.

The National Audit Office report finds BBC’s poor planning and lack of expertise means it will cost 45 per cent more and will not be completed until May 2023. The Corporation “Will not be able to deliver value for money” with the project, named E20 after the soap opera’s fictional Walford postcode, which is being funded entirely from the £150.50-a-year TV licence fee.

The Corporation tried to blame £9.2million of the cost increase on inflation and demand for construction services, but was ‘unable to provide evidence’ to support the figure, the NAO says. EastEnders once regularly attracted 20million viewers per episode but now struggles to attract 7million.

A Labour MP Chris Evans, who sits on the Public Accounts Committee, added “They’re investing in a programme that is not as popular as it once was, and they really need to start thinking about investing in the long term and in projects that can be useful for other things other than just one programme. The BBC ought to realise that the licence fee is still unpopular. Many people are asking about value for money. At the end of the day, this isn’t their money this is licence fee payers’ money”.

Hardly a matter of life and death is it, just make believe! Flog the BBC, just like the government is flogging off the NHS. No more broadcasting tax!

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