Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 11, 2018

Skelmersdale Rail Station?

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper  has finally received some projected dates for the Skelmersdale Rail Station project, which residents have been waiting for, for many years. Concerned by the continued silence over the project, MP Rosie contacted West Lancashire Borough Council, Lancashire County Council and Merseytravel, who are all involved in the project.

It has been clearly set out by the authorities that the feasibility study will be completed by mid-2019. Should this prove acceptable then Network Rail will move to a detailed design stage which will run through to late 2021/22 with the potential to start construction between 2022 and 2023 and with a train service possibly coming into operation by late 2023/24.

While completion is still some years off, it is clear that progress is being made in the right direction towards delivery of a train station for Skelmersdale . “Residents have waited decades for adequate transport links and I have been campaigning for a train station for Skelmersdale since being elected here in 2005.

“This latest correspondence confirms that the agencies involved have a clear timeline to follow in order to deliver this major project. However, the project will only proceed to the final development stages if funding is made available by the Secretary of State for Transport.

“I will continue to lobby the Department for Transport and this Secretary of State or the next, to ensure they prioritise Skelmersdale Railway as a significant infrastructure project deserving of DfT investment.

“Having launched the campaign for a railway station with local residents when we were standing collecting signatures on petitions in the shopping centre of a weekend to demonstrate the support for this scheme, to speaking in Parliament on the subject and taking every opportunity to press the transformation a railway station would bring to Skelmersdale, we have come a long way in our aim of securing a railway station in the town.

“I have consistently said that a railway station in the heart of Skelmersdale will open up a world of economic and social opportunities for the town and its residents”.


  1. Have you seen the correspondence to which she refers? Some of those dates sound “aspirational” to put it politely.

    • No, unfortunately there is no solid evidence. Until we see that it remains pie-in-the-sky for Skelmersdale.

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