Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 9, 2018

No Local Plan Benefits For Skem?

Tanhouse Labour Cllr Ron Cooper is “spending more energy in playing party politics than he does in setting out the benefits of the Local Plan for his constituents, according to a “New Skelmersdale Resident” in Champion Letters .

“It’s because there are none…as it appears the “Proposed Garden Villages” will deliver executive homes and Labour will line the pockets of developers, [which used to be the job of the Tories] at the expense of the rural landscape that all can enjoy”.

So NSR “encourages Cllr Cooper to explain to his electorate how the Local Plan will directly benefit Skelmersdale residents. NSR mentions Lidl and B&M stores, and the prophecy of a new railway station. But it certainly won’t benefit from more than 7,000 extra houses on its doorstep and only the prospect of a warehouse job to provide a living wage. That is what his, Cllr Cooper’s, council is offering the people of Tanhouse and Skelmersdale”.

Elsewhere the claim of the Local Plan contributing nothing to the regeneration of Skelmersdale is offered in a long letter to the Champion . Chris Dixon of Lathom is scathing of plans that will increase housing by 35% against a forecast of 6% needed, by the Office of National Statistics. The plan would build 6,000 houses in green belt land between Skelmersdale and Ormskirk in an area that does not have the infrastructure to support them. As Chris Dixon writes “Come on the people of Skelmersdale, demand of your councillors the developments which will contribute to the regeneration of Skelmersdale and the provision of affordable housing in the town”.


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