Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 6, 2018

Serco Commits Senior Beacon Park Golfers To Expulsion

We wrote on behalf of Beacon Park Golf Senior Members to elected members and senior WLBC officers yesterday “To advise recipients of this email of the distress and anger felt by Senior Golfers of the Beacon Park Golf Course (BPGC) at their expulsion by suspension from the competitive South West Lancs Seniors League  yesterday, following the report of the poor playing conditions that will apply to BPGC while Serco Leisure Operating Ltd attempts to comply with the new planning applications for the course.

“As the Captain of the Senior Golfers Mr Collins recently told Mr Rupert Soames, the Chief Executive of Serco, bad news travels fast, and it did, as the Captains Committee of the South West Lancs Seniors League invited the BPGC Seniors Captain to appear before it to explain if, and how, BPGC might comply with the CONGU standards for courses. It is a matter of fact that proposed changes to the BPGC during the proposed works will leave BPGC short by 500 yards of the required distance, which in itself will change the “stroke index”.

“This alone means BPGC being expelled for at least one full competitive season. Should other clubs wish to play at BPGC they would do so only on a friendly basis, although the Beacon Park Seniors’ Captain was left in no doubt other clubs simply didn’t want to visit BPGC on that basis.

“BPGC has been expelled until September 2019 , at which time the Full South West Lancs Seniors League Committee of Captains will visit BPGC to play the course. Should it still be incomplete or non-compliant again with CONGU and the stroke index BPGC would face further suspension.

“The disappointment, distress, and anger of the BPGC Senior Golfers wasn’t lessened by the recent offer from Serco to cut the annual membership fee. Why should loyal golfers who pay up-front pay anything at all?

“As proposed, the work to redistribute the illegally excessive landfill will start in March 2019 and take an estimated 54 weeks to complete, which suggests the expulsion will exceed one full competitive season. Senior players are leaving BPGC to join other clubs. Readers of this email can hardly be surprised. The landfill greed has swallowed up the royalties, while the residual state of the course is plain for all to see.

“WLBC should hold a public inquiry into the entire matter. Not to do so will insult the Senior Golfers, victims of the sub-standard management of this valuable public leisure facility”.

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