Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 3, 2018

Still No SPIDs For Wacky Races Lane

 Despite the news that “In July 2018 the WLBC stated “I can confirm that a decision was made to award grant funding to Aughton Parish Council for their SPID parish capital application on 23/5/18 and they were informed of this decision on the 25/5/18. The Borough Council will provide 50% match funding for this scheme with a maximum contribution of £3,000”, Aughton remains SPIDless.

Now, a Freedom of Information Act 2000 question has been submitted to WLBC that “No progress has been made either by the Aughton Parish Council or by the Lancashire County Council to provide the SPIDs as road safety features in Long Lane Aughton and the excuse made recently by the Aughton Parish Council is “The review by LCC on SPID provision in the county is still ongoing”.

“Why are the already funded Aughton SPIDs subject to a review by LCC, and what will WLBC do to expedite the urgent placement of SPIDs in Aughton?”

Probably nothing, but we can live in hope of an end to the procrastination by officers of all three councils.

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