Wacky Races On Long Lane Aughton

Who can ever forget the Wacky Races from back in 1968ish? People who live on Long Lane in Aughton can remember them, and now some recent newcomers refer to it in a campaign to ensure residents record their road safety concerns for the authorities to act on .

They assumed the area to be a nice, quiet, safe part of the village of Aughton. But within a year they describe the lane as “Wacky Races, perilous, polluted stretch of asphalt that functions as a veritable hazardous driving-free-for-all used extensively from pushy impatient mothers eager to transport their kids to and from school to farmers who hurtle their rambunctious machines along to and from the fields at astonishing speed. Oh, then, of course, HGVs who think nothing (observed this) of mounting pavements in a choreographed act of “professional driving” when required to pass one another-being unwilling to impede even in the slightest their progress despite almost wiping out an elderly resident’s tiny car reversing off their tiny driveway”.

Oh yes, they write, we’ve seen it all and suffered haven’t we? And in the year they have resided upon this “Lane” they have had two hit and run incidents. In a combined 40 years of driving they had full no claims and a low risk for insurance claims. Haha well not now!!

So, in their quest to determine why, on God’s good earth this Lane has no traffic calming in place already, they contacted Lancashire County Council Highways. In short, they have been told there have been many highway complaints from Long Lane over an extended period but they only log reported incidents and since not everyone formally report incidents the list is short, and the key criteria for placing road calming measures is the number of “incidents”.

So, Long Lane residents have received a circular from an address at “Dangerous Wacky-Races Lane, Aughton, Wild West Lancashire” . Residents already know how reticent the Aughton Parish Council, loaded up with £117,857 in readies, plus its £320,809 fixed term assets, plus its £20,000ish unspent CIL, is to spend on road safety. SPIDs are in the offing, apparently, if someone can find the key to the APC safe! And good luck with that!

2 thoughts on “Wacky Races On Long Lane Aughton

  1. wlbcarepants

    Let’s hope the woefully inept APC doesn’t have blood on it’s hands following an entirely preventable accident by the time it eventually does something about this regularly raised issue. IF it ever does.


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