Readers will be familiar with our regular reports on the landfill ripoff at the Beacon Park Golf Course, as the destination of all the landfill royalty payments remains “Commercial in Confidence”…or “find it if you can”!

But time has caught up with WLBC and the companies that desecrated the course, Serco Leisure Operating Limited and Oakland Golf and Leisure Limited, and their excessive dumping now requires correction.

Ecological Surveys Ltd has been asked to provide an arboricultural survey, 44 pages of tree related information . “ASR_Golf Course_Beacon Park Golf Centre_October_2018”. Such reports are expensive, but need to be accurate to comply with planning obligations.

So it has come as a surprise to us that this entry is made within the document, page 13, “It should be noted that the tree dimensions are estimated as the golf course was being used during the survey and the risk of being struck by a golf ball was considered high, so time spent standing on the fairway was limited”.

There is no truth in the rumour that Senior Golfers at BPGC asked the Serco Management Team to accompany the tree surveyors on the fairways while ESL assessed the required tree data.

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